digitized results system in bangladesh

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Digitized Results System in Bangladesh

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History of Education System in Bangladesh:

After the independence of Bangladesh many changes and development took place at the secondary level of education system. The Government took the responsibility of secondary and higher secondary education by nationalising a good number of schools and colleges throughout the country. In 1983 the government formed a cadre named BCS (General Education) and the government college teachers came under the cadre service. In 1981 the office of the Director of Public Instruction (DPI) was upgraded as the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE).


To promote higher education in Bangladesh, The National University was established in 1992 and all colleges offering Bachelors and Masters degree came under it. The National University became an affiliating university conducting examinations at the different level of higher education.


The government has been trying to boost up female education by introducing stipend program and providing other facilities like free studentship. Consecutively, the government introduced a pay scale for the teachers of non-government schools and colleges and providing 100% salary to them from the government fund. The government also established an authority to provide retirement and other benefits to the teachers and employees of the non-government schools, colleges and madrashas.


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