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Hello everyone. Hope you’re having a good time. In Bangladesh we buy unofficial devices beacuse we get highly specified smartphone with a reduced price range. So, there are a lot of people searching unofficial devices in Bangladesh at different shops. So, here we come at your rescue. Know every details about unofficial smartphones in Bangladesh and also get knowledge about Unofficial phones price in Bangladesh.


rm square unofficial mobile price in bd

RM Square

ডিভাইস প্রাইসলিস্ট Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 [4/64]————–16,500TK Redmi Note 10 [6/128]————-18,800TK Redmi Note 10 Pro Max [6/128]—–25,990TK Redmi Note 10… Read More »RM Square

sumash tech unofficial mobile price in bd

Sumash Tech

ডিভাইস প্রাইসলিস্ট Pixel   Pixel 4a [128GB] ⇝⇝⇝⇝38000TK Pixel 4a 5G [128GB] ⇝⇝⇝⇝49000TK One Plus  one plus 8 pro [8/128] ⇝⇝⇝⇝61000TK… Read More »Sumash Tech

mobile waves

Mobile Waves Official

ডিভাইস প্রাইসলিস্ট Apple iPhone 11(128GB)Japan——–61,999TK iPhone 12(128GB)Japan——–79,999TK iPhone 12 Pro(128GB)———97,999TK iPhone 12 Pro(256GB)———107,999TK iPhone 12 Pro Max(128GB)—–106,999TK iPhone 12 Pro… Read More »Mobile Waves Official

gadget monkey bd

Gadget Monkey BD

ডিভাইস প্রাইসলিস্ট OnePlus Unofficial Price List Oneplus N10 [6/128] ——————24,000TK Oneplus N10 [6/128] ——————28,000TK(official) OnePlus Nord [8/128] —————–36,000TK OnePlus Nord… Read More »Gadget Monkey BD

Oneplus Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

One plus 8 pro [8/128] 

KRY International 61,000 Tk

Take & Talk BD 64,000 Tk

Sumash Tech 61,000 Tk

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One plus 8t [8/128]

KRY International 47,500 Tk

Take & Talk BD 51,000 Tk

  Sumash Tech 47,500 Tk

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One plus nord [8/128]

KRY International 35,000 Tk (indian)

Rio International 34,499 Tk

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One plus nord n10 5G [6/128]

KRY International 23,990 Tk

Take & Talk BD 24,500 Tk

Sumash Tech 23,500 Tk

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Realme Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

realem x2 pro [8/128]

Sumash Tech 39,000TK (global)

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Realme 7 [8/128 ]

Rio International 20,499Tk

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Samsung Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

Galaxy F62 [6/128]

Sumash Tech 28,000 Tk

KRY International 28,900 Tk

Rio International 27,499 Tk

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Galaxy s20 FE 5g snapdragon [8/256] 

Sumash Tech 49,000 Tk

KRY International 48,000 Tk

Rio International 46,999 Tk

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Galaxy Note 10 plus [12/256]

Sumash Tech 63,000 Tk

KRY International 61,000 Tk

RM square 58,000Tk

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Galaxy s21 ultra 5G exynos [12/256]

Sumash Tech 90,000 Tk

KRY International 94,000 Tk

RM square 91,490 Tk

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Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5g [12/256]

Sumash Tech 88,000 Tk

KRY International 89,000 Tk

RM square 80,990 Tk

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Mi Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

Mi 10i 5G [6/128]

Rio International 26,990 Tk

KRY International 27,000 Tk

Sumash Tech 27,000 Tk

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Mi 10t 5G [8/128]

Rio International 38,499 Tk

KRY International 38,500 Tk

Sumash Tech 39,000 Tk

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Mi 10t pro 5G [8/128] 

RM square 46,999 Tk

Rio International 46,999 Tk

Sumash Tech 46,500 Tk

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Redmi Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

Note 10 [6/128] ( ind global)

Rio International 18,999 Tk

RM square 18,800 Tk

Sumash Tech 19,000 Tk

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Note 10 [6/128] ( int global)

Rio International 19,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 19,500 Tk

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Redmi 9 power [4/64] 

Rio International 13,699 Tk

RM square 13,700 Tk

Sumash Tech 14,000 Tk

KRY International 14,000 Tk

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Iphone Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

iPhone 12 PRO MAX 128GB Single SIM

Rio International 1,03,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 1,62,000 Tk

KRY International 1,62,000Tk

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iPhone 12 128GB

KRY International 1,23,000Tk

Rio International 83,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 1,23,000Tk

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iPhone 11 pro max 256GB

KRY International 1,35,000Tk

Rio International 1,01,999 Tk

Sumash Tech 1,45,000 Tk

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iPhone 11 128 gb

KRY International 86,000 Tk

Rio International 63,999 Tk

Sumash Tech 86000 Tk

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Poco Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

Poco X3 NFC 6+128

KRY International 22,900 Tk

Rio International 22,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 22,500 Tk

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Poco X3 6+128 ind

KRY International 21,000Tk

Rio International 20,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 20,500 Tk

Full Details
Poco M2 pro 6/64 GB

KRY International 17,500Tk

Rio International 17,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 17,500 Tk

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Poco c3 [4/64 GB]

KRY International 11,500Tk

Rio International 11,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 12,999 Tk

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Google(Pixel) Unofficial Phone Price in Bangladesh

Google pixel 5 8/128 GB

Rio International 67,999 Tk

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Google pixel 4A 6/128 gb

KRY International 38,000Tk

Rio International 37,499 Tk

Sumash Tech 38,000 Tk

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Google pixel 4A 5G 6/128 GB

KRY International 50,000Tk

Rio International 48,999 Tk

Sumash Tech 49,000 Tk

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